What Occupational Safety and Health, and Radiation Protection professionals need?
Have a comprehensive technical response, to verify that no worker exceeds the new limit of 20 mSv/year in lens. The objective is to ensure the effective prevention of cataracts induced by ionizing radiation, in occupational radiation workers in the field of health.

How we could find it?
Through professional collaboration of all stakeholders, at European level:
– Radiation Protection Technicians
– Workers at risk
– Radiation Protection Regulatory Authorities
– Occupational Safety and Health Regulatory Authorities
– Occupational Safety and Health practitioners and Occupational physician

– Define the process of collective eye lens exposure risk evaluation in the health sector. Fundamentally in different interventional radiology practices.
– Develop a harmonized and easy management protocol of the eye lens doses of professional.
– Define a classification procedure of professionals based on the eye lens radiological risk.
– Define criteria for training and preventive information of exposed professionals.
– Define EPI use procedures for exposed workers.