Interview to Olivera Ciraj-Bjelac

  • What is your name and which institution do you represent?
  • My name is Olivera Ciraj-Bjelac and I come from Radiation Protection and radiation protection medicine Department of Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade (Serbia).
  • Is your country trying to implement the European Euratom 2013/59 Directive?
  • Yes, because my country is currently under the process of join the European Union so we have to follow the European regulations so my country is trying to implement all IAEA Safe Standards and those the European Directives in the area of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety.
  • Is there any investigation group or hospital working on crystalline (eye lens) radiological protection?
  • Yes, actually is mine group because we have some activities in the past even 15 years ago we had some interest on eye lens dosimetry and recently we are collecting data in special professional group main in medicine like interventional radiology on the eye lens doses. Also three years ago we had a small research using electronic dosimeters for interventional cardiologists.
  • Will your country be interested in working together with a network off countries to develop a crystalline system?
  • Yes, it would be certainly interesting to join this group because we think that it is very important to find the practical way to implements eye lens dosimetry specially to find the way to check the complains with the new eye lens dose limits.
  • So, the last question maybe is really easy for you because you are the reference person but, which will be the reference hospital or group to ask this questions in Serbia?
  • Maybe, the Clinical Center of Serbia which is the largest center in Serbia, however one fact is that radiation protection support in Serbia is provided by external licensed distributions which are for instance my department and other departments is provide medical physicist and radiation protection to hospitals. So, what you have to do is in cooperation with hospitals and researching institutes the dosimetry and radiation protection.

Thank you very much. Interview to Bardhyl Grillo

  • What is your name and which institution do you represent?
  • My name is Bardhyl Grillo. I was once in Spain and they call me Grillo. A nuclear power plant, they give me a stick from the nuclear power plant near Madrid in 1995 through the European Community Union. I am the head of the radiation dosimetry service in the Institute of Applied Nuclear Physics in Tirana under University of Tirana. We make all the services, personal dosimetry services for all radiation workers. There are around 700 workers. So accorded to the law we have to make IM. For that, we used TLD systems provided by the IAEA because Albania is not a rich country. We cover all the dosimetry protection.
  • How is Albania with Euratom 2013/59 Directive?
  • We are not in the European Union, we are not complaint the regulations of the EU. Now, we want to implement, because there are quite members of the EU and so the regulations know complain about the requirement but for the moment we have our regulations. We keep some recommendation from the EU and implement to our regulation time by time.
  • Is there any investigation group working on crystalline (eye lens) protection in Albania?
  • Personally I am not interested at the moment. But even in Greece where I have good contact with them, they are working onto the eye lens safe but at the moment we don’t have such in Albania.
  • Do you know any reference hospital or group that could be interested in those questions? Is your hospital the main leading hospital in Albania for this?
  • Yes, there is a main hospital is called the University Hospital Center Mother Teresa, because mother Teresa was Albanian origin. But as far as I know, I do not know about any interest for them from crystalline project etc. But personally I say that is a good project, perhaps in the future we push to my director to involve in this project. I think it is interesting.

Thank you very much. Interview to Adamowicz Malzorgata and Sylwia Papierz

  • What is your name and which institution do you represent? My name is Adamowicz Malgorzata and I come from Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Department of Radiation Protection in Poland. And Sylwia Papierz from the same Institute.
  • Which is the situation of your country related to the implementation of the European Euratom 2013/59 Directive? How is Poland doing the Directive? Do you have any information? We don’t know this Directive, sorry.
  • Do you know if there is any investigation group or hospital working on eye lens radiological protection? In occupational medicine? No, but ¿? cooperate with in some projects according to eye lens dosimetry.
  • Will your country be interested in working together with a network off countries to develop a crystalline radiological protection system? I think yes, but you have to know the details of such cooperation. For example for us, is our boss who has to take the decision.
  • Which will be the reference hospitals or groups to ask these questions in Poland? I mean, what is the best hospital on occupational radiation protection? Cardiologist Hospitals that perform interventional procedures. Do you need a name of a Hospital? I don’t know the names of hospitals that perform such procedures. Military Hospitals perform all kind of procedures.
  • How did you like IM 2015? Very much, I think is quite interesting conference. I was 5 years ago in Athens and so I founded very useful for our specialist in medical physicist. I knew some ideas to employ in our laboratory, to meet other people that have the same problems and try to ask about the solution.

Thank you very much. Interview to Veronica Olšovcová

  • What is the situation in your country related to the new Euratom 2013/59 directive? I am not for a regulator service, I don’t know.
  • Do you have any information about somebody in your country that is working on this? I think that are people working on that but none of them is here. But at this moment there are people here from the English national radiation protection institute and people from the dosimetry service, they should know I supposed.
  • Is there any investigation group working on crystalline (eye lens) radiological protection? I think we haven’t done much yet in that theme as far as I know anyway.
  • And then, do you think your country would be interested in working together on a network off country to develop this? I would expect so because it’s always an advantage to share the knowledge, discuss the problems and find the solutions.
  • Ok, one final question because this should have been the first, what is your name and which institution do you represent? Veronica Olšovcová. And I work for the Academic of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Institute of Physics.
  • What would be the main hospital, a reference hospital investigating this kind of things in the Czech Republic? Or who do you work with? A reference hospital is a difficult question. The National Institute for Radiation Protection could be a partner I think. And I think they should know who will be the best. There are 4 or 5 people here from the Institute, you can catch somebody.

Thank you very much.